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Michael is the current lead developer and information technology administrator of ShiftOS.


Michael has been a developer of ShiftOS since the 0.0.8 development handover and has contributed features like desktop icons, a Unity toggle button, a cleaner development API, and became administrator of the ShiftOS forums in early 2015 due to his passion with the project.

Other Projects

Michael's other projects include ShiftOS-Next, a new take on ShiftOS that was quickly discontinued, ShiftOS-CSharp, a C# rewrite of 0.0.9, Memphis, a bootable C# operating system built on the Cosmos kernel, Shifted Dimension, a 3D open-world action game set in the multi-user domain using UE4, and Patreon.NET, a Patreon API wrapper for C# and Visual Basic.

He has also written a Victor Tran-inspired virus for danooct1's Viewer-Made Malware series, officially named Virus.MSIL.Trance, otherwise known as the "Victor Tran Virus". This virus was used in a recent OSFirstTimer video, "Mum tries to destroy Windows 8 (2013)".

Administrative role

Michael is the IT administrator of ShiftOS and works on keeping the multi-user domain, website, and other services in check and online. He also manages the ShiftOS Discord server.

Michael is also the main video producer of ShiftOS's YouTube channel, and produces development updates, coding tutorials and other programming-related ShiftOS videos for the channel.

Lead developer role

Michael is the lead developer of ShiftOS, and is responsible for writing the foundation of the game, the Modular Upgradeable Shell Construction Library, or M.U.S.C.L, which is used as the ShiftOS game engine.

He is also responsible for writing the game's story, the website's backend, the multi-user domain, and the fundamentals of the game, such as the modern Shiftorium, Shifter, Terminal, and desktop environment.