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DevX (Administrator)

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DevX was the original developer of ShiftOS. His real name is Philip Adams, and he has worked on ShiftOS as the sole developer and forum administrator from late 2013 to mid 2014.

Contributions to the project

Philip Adams is the original developer of ShiftOS. He is responsible for adding many still-used features such as the Shiftorium, Codepoints, Pong, skinning, Shifter, Shiftnet, Panel Buttons, Minimization of windows, the App Launcher, Desktop Panel, and various other parts of the ShiftOS user-interface and backend mechanics.

Departure from the team

After developing the game solely for almost an entire year, Phil stepped down from lead developer and handed development of ShiftOS 0.0.8 to the community.

This was explained in his late 2014 video on ShiftOS, ShiftOS 0.0.8 Features Preview + Development Handover. The video can be watched here.

Our contributions to him

We currently post videos every now and then showing off new features, tutorials etc, of ShiftOS to Phil's ShiftOS YouTube channel. All monetization proudly goes to him, and we get featured on YouTube Millionaire, his series which tracks the development of all his active, semi-active and discontinued channels, subscriber counts, etc, with the goal of sometime becoming a millionaire from YouTube.