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Codepoints are the primary currency within the digital society. They are used in exchange for Shiftorium upgrades, skins, scripts, and Shiftnet service.

Codepoints can be earned by playing games within ShiftOS such as Pong, and ShiftLetters. Other ways of earning Codepoints include ShiftLotto, selling skins, selling scripts, and scraping from dead accounts within the digital society.

Currency Inflation

Codepoints have been in ShiftOS since 0.0.4, and have since had their value inflated to around 2.5x their original value.

Due to their inflation, it is common to see applications from 0.0.x that have been ported to the multi-user domain pay out far more than their 0.0.x counterparts, however, it is also common to see Shiftorium upgrades priced far higher than their 0.0.x counterparts, with the most expensive 0.0.x upgrade being "Unity Mode", and the most expensive multi-user domain era upgrades being Artpad, Advanced App Launcher (beta 2.1), and the desktop.