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ArtPad is a drawing application built primarily for skinning.

It supports the basic primtive tools that most painting programs support, and can be used to earn Codepoints.


ArtPad has been in the game since ShiftOS 0.0.7.


ArtPad has most primitive image-editing tools, such as a pencil, paintbrush, fill, rectangle, line, oval, and text tool. These tools are heavily customizable, but also require their respective Shiftorium upgrades.

ArtPad also has a Pixel Setter tool, which cannot be used to earn Codepoints, but allows you to specify an X and Y coordinate on the canvas and set the pixel at that coordinate to the current palette color.

It also has the Pixel Placer tool, which allows you to click to set a specified pixel. This is the base for tools like the pencil, paintbrush, and fill tool.

There is also tools for exporting and importing files, zooming in and out of the canvas, and clearing it.


Tools are displayed on the left of the ArtPad UI. Tool customizations, as well as the color palette are displayed at the bottom.

On startup, you are able to specify a canvas width and canvas height, however when you first buy ArtPad, you have a limited amount of total resolution that the canvas supports.