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Applying skins

Last edited by astro on 4/16/2017 5:38:02 PM

Skins are very easy to apply.

This guide is dependent on the following upgrades:

  • skin_loader

First, you need to download a skin. The Skin Repository has many skins. To go to it, click Customize, or click this link.

Once you have downloaded your skin, place it into the ShiftOS_Shared folder in your Documents folder. Then open ShiftOS.

Once you are in ShiftOS, open up the Skin Loader. Then click Import. Double click "Up one", then "Shared", and locate wherever you placed your skin. Now double click it. Then click Apply.

Now your skin is applied. If you would like to get a different skin, you can follow the whole process again. If you would like to be using the default skin again, click "Load default" in the Skin Loader.