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ShiftOS Wiki

The ShiftOS Wiki is a community and developer-driven handbook for everything you need to know about ShiftOS. It contains tutorials, guides, code examples, and loads of other interesting things. Read on!

How to post to and edit the wiki

If you have a ShiftOS account, and have the right privileges to a category, simply click the "Add new page" button at the top, and fill in the blanks.

If you don't have a ShiftOS account, this is the perfect time to create one! Without one, how would you play the game?

Adding categories

Adding categories is only available to those with the `CanManageWikiCategories` access control definition. If you have this ACL definition, you may manage wiki categories from the Developer Control Panel.

This wiki supports Markdown!

You can use Markdown in the wiki, just like you would in a forum post, skin description or user status update. We use the CommonMark standard - which is the standard used by websites and software like GitHub, Discourse, Gitter, and various others.