Do things seem broken? We are currently working on streamlining the permission system and its backend. Please be patient!


Discord is a free instant-messaging application supporting both text and voice chatting. It is also a very awesome way to hang out with the ShiftOS community. In fact, being on the ShiftOS Discord server could potentially get you a spot on ShiftHangout - our biweekly community hangout livestream.

You may join our Discord by clicking this button:

Join the Discord!


Our server is set up to mute all communications from new members for the first 10 minutes of them being on the server. This is a spam countermeasure. If your account was created on the same day you joined the server, at the end of the 10-minute wait you may be placed in an interrogation room so we can prove you are not a spammer.

To prove you are not a spammer, either post a link to your ShiftOS profile, or your YouTube channel, or another public social media account. This is a rare counter-measure and only happens if your username is similar to a previously-banned spammer.

We welcome you to come in at any time - and once you get through the anti-spam measures, you won't be bugged about it again!

Remember to stay civil, follow the rules in the #rules channel, and have fun.