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Get in touch

The best way to get in touch with us devs is either through the forums or the Discord - both found in the "Community" menu at the top - but if you need more of a one-to-one type of conversation, the below information may be of help.

Contact Michael

Hi. I'm Michael - lead dev of ShiftOS. If you need help with something, shoot me a DM on Discord or email me. You can also private-message my ShiftOS account. I check my inbox regularly.

Email me:
Click to email me using your system mail client.

Please note!

You should only email me for the following purposes:

  1. General questions about ShiftOS
  2. Ban appeals
  3. Reporting of rogue staff
  4. Unite API assistance

I will not allow spam of my email address, and if you end up spamming me, I will ban you from the multi-user domain.

Response times

I check my email as soon as I wake up, and get on my computer. I check it three times a day, and if I see your message, I will reply as soon as possible. Just be patient - I've got a game to code and maintain after all!

Contact the dev team collectively

If for some reason you need to shoot a message at the entire dev team, you can either private-message the "Developers" group on this site, or shoot an email to I will forward the message to the development room.