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ShiftOS 1.0 Beta 2.4

Released by MichaelTheShifter at 5/6/2017 4:57:58 PM - This build is unstable.

Hey Shifters, Michael here with yet another ShiftOS release.

This one brings in some neat File Skimmer features such as the ability to pin any file or folder to a neat sidebar for quick navigation. We've also added a new TriWrite application, which is available on Appscape for 750 Codepoints, and is an advanced text editor part of TriOffice.

We've also added these Terminal commands:

  • user.setpass{old:,new:} - Set the password for the current account. Usage: old:"Account's current password.", new:"New password.".

  • user.login{user:,pass:} - Log in to a different user, without closing any apps. Usage: user:"Username", pass:"Password".

  • admin.add{name:} - Add a new user to your system. Usage: name:"Username"

  • admin.remove{name:} - Remove a user from your system. Usage: name:"Username"

  • admin.users - List all users on your system.

  • admin.set_acl{user:, val:} - Set a user's permissions. Usage: user:"Username", val:0-3.

    This is the first build of ShiftOS that requires you to log in with your ShiftOS community account to play.

Reported bugs

Bug Urgency Actions
Can't link ShiftOS to Unite
Opened by PCShifter at 5/20/2017 3:09:17 PM
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If you have any issues with this build, please let us know. Also, to find out a bit more about the build, if you haven't already, check out the details to the left!