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ShiftOS 1.0 Beta 2.2

Released by MichaelTheShifter at 4/22/2017 6:05:24 PM - This build is unstable.

ShiftOS Beta 2.2 is here, Shifters! The advanced app launcher has been improved on the skinning side, the file skimmer has been improved with new features, and much more!

New features

  • The File Skimmer's "Delete" button is now functional.
  • New "Copy" and "Move" buttons in the File Skimmer.
  • File Opener/File Saver supports the selection of directories by adding Directory as a file extension filter when creating new file dialogs.
  • You can now resize the various elements of the Advanced App Launcher.
  • You can now select GIF files as images in the Graphic Picker.
  • Writing files/deleting files in the 1:/ drive affects their Windows counterparts, and vice versa.

Reported bugs

There are no reported bugs to display.


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