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ShiftOS 1.0 Beta 1.2

Released by MichaelTheShifter at 4/6/2017 9:29:48 PM - This build is unstable.

1.0 Beta 1.2 was a huge update for ShiftOS adding loads of new user interface features. Here's a list of them.

  • Added "Notifications" button to Desktop.
  • Added Notifications app.
  • Added AL entry for Notifications.
  • Added "Calculator" app
  • Added "ShiftLetters", a hangman clone.
  • Added "login" button to OOBE registration screen.
  • Added "Delete My System" button to MUD Control Centre.


  • Fix NullReferenceException on startup when no desktop background is shown.


  • Notification button does not update when a notification is marked "read".

Reported bugs

There are no reported bugs to display.


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This build is obsolete!

We no longer support this build, and thus, any issues with this build that arise as we develop the game further will not be fixed. Consider picking up a more up-to-date build?