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The world's most revolutionary operating system

Oh yeah? Tell me more.

Shift it your way.

ShiftOS is one of the most customizable operating systems ever created by mankind, and with that said, it is the most easy to use.

It has never been easier to create stylish, amazing user experiences using ShiftOS, and if you're still not inspired, have a look at what other Shifters have made!

Take me to the Skin Repo!

We don't make updates. You do.

Have you ever been in the middle of work, or gaming, and all of the sudden your computer screamed at you saying it's about to update?

That won't happen with ShiftOS. You upgrade exactly what features you want. But.... there's a price to pay...

Take it even further.

Know Lua or C#? We've got ya covered. ShiftOS is an amazing development environment. Not only can you customize it to look however you want, but you can code your own features and applications. Then, sell them to other Shifters, and pocket the cash.

Or, if you want to go even further, we're open-source! We accept contributions.

We're a digital society, and we're also a community.

ShiftOS is more than just an operating system. You'll meet many interesting characters. ...We can't tell you much about who you'll meet, but if you want to get a headstart, join the community! It's one click away. Or maybe two.

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Latest Stable Release

Sadly, no stable releases have been released that are not marked as obsolete. Please stay with us!

Latest Unstable Release

ShiftOS 1.0 Beta 2.4

Released by MichaelTheShifter on 5/6/2017 4:57:58 PM

Hey Shifters, Michael here with yet another ShiftOS release.

This one brings in some neat File Skimmer features such as the ability to pin any file or folder to a neat sidebar for quick navigation. We've also added a new TriWrite application, which is available on Appscape for 750 Codepoints, and is an advanced text editor part of TriOffice.

We've also added these Terminal commands:

  • user.setpass{old:,new:} - Set the password for the current account. Usage: old:"Account's current password.", new:"New password.".

  • user.login{user:,pass:} - Log in to a different user, without closing any apps. Usage: user:"Username", pass:"Password".

  • admin.add{name:} - Add a new user to your system. Usage: name:"Username"

  • admin.remove{name:} - Remove a user from your system. Usage: name:"Username"

  • admin.users - List all users on your system.

  • admin.set_acl{user:, val:} - Set a user's permissions. Usage: user:"Username", val:0-3.

    This is the first build of ShiftOS that requires you to log in with your ShiftOS community account to play.

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